Flood Devastation 2008 in Mason County



I took a ride two days after the major storm that dumped up to 12 inches of rain on Mason county in 7 hours. I was on my way north to Onekama to make sure everything was ok and to do a little work. The devastation was unbelievable! Forty-two roads were closed! I got up at 5am to take my time and to take the pictures I have posted below.




Updated June 2008

This storm dumped up to 12 inches of rain between 9 pm and 4am!

This place was along US 31 north of Scottville

That is a tractor under water!


This was one of 42 roads closed because of the flood.

Famous Picture!

I happened upon this famous car.

You think?!


This is what closed most roads, bridge under-mining.

Another Road Closed.

This was in Freesoil along the detour route.

This stream was way over its banks!

Daily News-How High is the Water Momma?

US 31 Closed

This is someone's front yard!