The Whitehall Project

This hybrid Project has the most cutting edge heating system available. It is so cutting edge in fact, that the supplier has framed the layout prints and has them hanging at the main entrance of their corporate headquarters! The house is all ICF from the footings to the roof line, with spray foam and future renewable energy. Stay tuned to this sight for a close up look at the heating system and all the details of this amazing hybrid home!

Updated 2/27/09- Trim details!

Column made of Cherry from Property!

Top is made of Cherry from the property!

A view from the foyer

Thermostat set to try out the heating system

Under ground energy storage tank temperature control, located in the garage.

Looking towards the fireplace and built-in TV area

Stairs up to the bonus room

Custom cherry front entry door

Cherry pantry door

Great room windows

A view from the master suite

A close up of the TV built in. Made of cherry!

GEO Thermal Drainage

Great room arches

Master bedroom

Basement family room

Updated 1/16/09

This gasification wood boiler came from Poland.

Recently named heating system of the year!

The gasification wood boiler works with this geo thermal unit. I helped engineer this system, isn't it amazing?!

Another look at the heating system

Frozen pants and boots.

I got frozen up helping to divert the discharge water from the geo thermal system.

14 gallons per minute discharge!

Our plan for the spring is to make a water fall out of this run-off and then irrigate the lawn with it.

Lots of snow...again. Thank goodness for the front end loader.

Scrap wood to burn. Nothing on this house went to the landfill, nothing!

Updated 12-22-08 A Winter wonderland!

Drywallers in action

Drywalling around a radius

Garage doors are going in.

The insulators took the time to make sure everything was insulated properly.

Spray foam for insulation

Advanced Insulation on another job for us.

1,000,000 BTU storage tank that is tied into the GEO Thermal system.

Close up of energy storage tank

Updated 11/11/08

1,000 gallon underground energy storage tank.

Updated 10-26-08 Inside is framed up and ready for HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical

Really coming together. The siding showed up, so now we will work to get that finished.


I brought this idea up to a few lumber companies. Using fruit crates for recycling is so easy! Why no lumber companies provide them for use in recycling is beside me. The homeowner bought these to store scraps for burning in his ultra efficient wood boiler.

Pouring the garage floor.

Updated 10/03/08-What an amazing week!

These pictures will go from most recent backwards.

Team Hybrid Hot Lunch Program

By feeding our 10 guys a hot lunch each day, we keep them motivated and capable of completing monumental tasks! Thanks Mom for being our lunch lady!

An incredible pace!

Scraps for heating the home

This pile is just one of many piles of scrap from the lumber we took from the trees off of the land. This left-over wood will go to fuel a hi-tech wood boiler to heat the home!

Setting trusses for the garage bonus room.

House is ready for trusses.

Interior walls

Ready to pour main floor walls.

Product rep. helping with the ICFs

Team Hybrid member R-Value Concrete Structures on the scene

Updated 9-12-08 Sub-floor is now complete!

Lite-Deck for the front porch.

Pouring the ICF garage foundation walls..

A view from the basement..

Updated 9/04/08

The basement ICFs are poured!

The Hybrid Home Guy

Even though I am very busy these days, I am always around to help pour the ICFs. This is the serious face that we all get once the concrete trucks show up...

Working in the rain

We worked in the pouring rain until the walls were poured. As we poured, it poured......

Double Trouble

Jake from R-Value Concrete Structures

R-Value Concrete Sturctures-Team Hybrid ICF Experts

Ready for the floor joists!

Updated 8/27/08- ICFs are going up!

Footings going in.