How do I view animated GIFs on Mac?

In Preview, you can look at each frame in the animation as an individual still image. In the Preview app on your Mac, open the animated GIF. Choose View > Thumbnails (if thumbnails aren’t already showing).

How do you play a GIF on a Mac?

The Quickest Way

This is not only the quickest but also the easiest way to play a GIF on your Mac. Navigate to the location of the GIF, select it, then press and hold the Space bar on your keyboard. The GIF opens in a new window and starts playing instantly.

How do I preview an animated GIF?

To do this, select the animated GIF file, and then on the View menu, click Preview/Properties. If the GIF does not play, try re-saving the animated GIF in the collection in which you want to put it. On the GIF, click the down-arrow, and then click Preview/Properties.

How do I open an animated GIF?

When you right-click the GIF, a menu will open to the right of your cursor. Hover over Open with. This is usually in the second grouping of menu options and a list of programs and applications that can open or play the GIF will pop-up. Click to select your web browser.

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How do I view a downloaded GIF?

Tap on the GIF image that you like and preview it. Press and hold on the image and then select Download image from the pop-up window. Once downloaded, you will be to view the GIF image in the Gallery app.

How do you make a GIF on Mac Preview?

How to create animated gif using Mac preview

  1. Click on File > Export.
  2. [ALT] + [Click on Format] (without [ALT] gif option may not appear)
  3. Select gif in format, Unselect Alpha checkbox, type animation1 in filename and click “Save”.

How do you download a GIF on a Macbook Air?

Save Images as GIF & Other Image Formats in Preview for Mac OS X

  1. With any image open in Preview app, go to the “File” menu and choose either ‘Save As’ or ‘Export’
  2. At the Save screen, hold down the Option key and click into the “Format” menu – this will reveal all additional image file types that you can save as.

Where can I get animated GIFs?

10 Sites for Finding the Perfect GIF

  1. GIPHY.
  2. Reddit.
  3. Tumblr.
  4. Gfycat.
  5. Tenor.
  6. Reaction GIFs.
  7. GIFbin.
  8. Imgur.

How do I set a GIF as my desktop background?

Use an Animated GIF As Your Desktop Background on Windows 10

  1. Launch Wallpaper Engine. …
  2. Choose which monitor you want to customize. …
  3. Use the Discover and Workshop tabs to find new desktop backgrounds. …
  4. Select the background you want to use, and then click on the Subscribe button.

How do you download a GIF on a Mac?

About This Article

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Navigate to a GIF.
  3. Right-click the GIF.
  4. Click Save Image As…
  5. Select a folder.
  6. Click Save.
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How do you download a GIF from Giphy on a Mac?

How Do I download a GIF from GIPHY?

  1. Open your browser and go to the
  2. Browse tap on the category that you want to see.
  3. After finding your GIFs, click on it.
  4. Right-click on the image and click on the “Save image as” option.
  5. Rename the file if you want and click on the Save button.

How can I view GIFs on my computer?

Use Windows Media Player to open the GIF file by doing the following:

  1. Right-click on the file.
  2. Select Open with.
  3. Select Choose default program.
  4. Expand Other Programs.
  5. Select Windows Media Player.
  6. Always use the selected program to open this kind of file is selected by default. …
  7. Click OK.