Can you duplicate a photo in Lightroom mobile?

JohanElzenga said: Select the image, then tap on the three dots in the upper right corner. That will give you a menu with several options. The second option is ‘Copy to…’.

Can you duplicate in Lightroom mobile?

Until now, Lightroom Mobile did not have a feature similar to virtual copies that you can find in Lightroom on the Desktop. Using this feature, you can create copies of a photo and try different edits.

How do you duplicate a photo in Lightroom?

To duplicate photos using Virtual Copy in Lightroom, select the image, rick click it, and click on Create Virtual Copy. Your new virtual copy will show up next to the original in the filmstrip, and once you’ve completed this easy step, you can edit each version separately.

Can you duplicate a photo in Lightroom IPAD?

If you right-click on an image there is an option to “Make a copy”. This will create a copy of the image. … In Lightroom CC, both images show in the info column as original and backed up.

How do you make duplicate photos?

Press and hold the Option key. Click the picture file you want to copy and drag it to the desired location. Release both the Option key and your mouse button. If the process works correctly, a second version of the original file appears.

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