How do I edit a selected area in Lightroom?

How do I edit specific areas in Lightroom mobile?

Lightroom Mobile Updates for iOS and Android

  1. First, tap the Selective edit stack in the lower left, then, tap the plus icon in the upper left.
  2. Tap to select the Brush. …
  3. Painting in the image displays red overlay as a visual indicator of the area that will be modified.

Is there a selection tool in Lightroom?

In Lightroom, we edit locally (meaning editing in a specific area rather than the entire photo) by using the adjustment brush, the graduated filter and the radial filter. … Because these Lightroom tools actually create a selection, you can go back and modify the selected area at any point in the future.

Where is selective in Lightroom?

Instead, Lightroom uses a little something called selective adjustment tools. All of these tools can be easily found at the top of your toolbar while in the Develop Tab of Lightroom. The three masking options you’ll have are called the gradient filter, radial filter, and the adjustment brush.

How do I use the lasso tool in Lightroom?

To use the lasso, simply press the ‘L’ key (Photoshop shortcut) on your keyboard, move your mouse to an area on the image, then trace around the area you want to alter. After you let up, you will see moving dotted lines, or “marching ants.” Lassoing an area is pretty straight forward.

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How do you sharpen a specific area in Lightroom?

Hold down the ALT key (OPTION key on a MAC) and click and hold on the MASKING slider. The entire image will turn white. This shows the area that is being sharpened. While holding down the ALT key, slide the slider to the right until only those areas that you want sharpened are still white.

How do you do selective edits in Lightroom on IPAD?

Open a photo in Loupe view. In the Edit screen, tap the Presets icon in the bottom panel. Tap the three-dots ( ) icon in the upper-right corner and select Import Presets. Tap the presets you want to import either from Google Drive or any folder on your mobile.