Quick Answer: How do you make a star in a triangle in Illustrator?

Click and hold over the Rectangle tool in your sidebar tool set, then choose Star Tool. Single click anywhere on your canvas to bring up the direct parameter entry dialog box for the tool. Choose 3 points, enter a reasonable size (which you can adjust at any time later using the Select tool and drag), and press “OK”.

How do you make a star shape in Illustrator?

How to make a perfect star in Illustrator? You can use the Star tool to make a perfect star. The secret is to hold the Option (Alt for Windows users) key when you click and drag to make a star.

How do you make a perfect star in Illustrator?

To create the “perfect” star without having to change the settings, press-and-hold Option-Shift (PC: Alt-Shift) while clicking-and-dragging the star. Option/Alt changes the radius to the “ideal” setting for a perfect star and shift will ensure the sides of the star are straight.

How do I make a rounded triangle in Illustrator?

Creating Rounded Triangles In Illustrator Using Line Tool

Use the Line Tool to draw a triangle (make sure you snap to anchor). Use the Black Arrow to Select the whole triangle. Effect > Stylize > Round Corners, make sure you hit preview and use a radius that is large enough to be seen (1/10 of the line length say).

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