Where are my Lightroom catalogs?

Your Lightroom Classic catalogs are located in the following folders, by default: Windows: Users[user name]PicturesLightroom. macOS: /Users/[user name]/Pictures/Lightroom.

Why is Lightroom Catalog gone?

If your working catalog (or catalogs) have really totally disappeared then you will have to restore from your most recent Catalog backup. Note; Recent versions of Lightroom make Catalog backups in . ZIP files, so you would need to extract the . … ZIP file.

How do I open old Lightroom catalogs?

So, go to the menu and choose File > Open Catalog. Navigate to the location the older catalog is stored, and open it. You will be prompted to upgrade the catalog, and once that process is completed you can merge the catalog into your master catalog.

How do I reconnect my Lightroom catalog?

The other solution is to reconnect the folders in their new location to the Lightroom Catalog. To do this, right-click on the Lightroom folder with the question mark and choose “Find Missing Folder…” This will open up a window that will allow you to manually navigate to where the files are now located.

Where are my Lightroom files?

Lightroom has a built-in function to help you find the original file, and it’s very easy. You simply right click on an image or thumbnail and choose Show in Finder (on Mac) or Show in Explorer (on Windows). That will then open a separate Finder or Explorer panel for you and go directly to the file and highlight it.

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How do I transfer my Lightroom catalog to another computer?

Connect the external drive to the original computer, open your original catalog into Lightroom, and go to File > Import from Another Catalog, then select the . LRCAT file on the external drive and click Open to launch the Import from Catalog dialog box.

Is it safe to delete old Lightroom catalogs?

Deleting a Lightroom catalog won’t affect your original files, but it will delete the specific edits, ratings, previews, keywords, and other meta-data that Lightroom saves in the catalog. If that’s your goal, then you can safely delete your Lightroom Catalog. Deleting Lightroom catalog backups is a different story.