Does uninstalling procreate delete files?

Does procreate save when deleted?

The best way to restore deleted Procreate files is to use an iCloud backup that includes your Procreate files. Allow days, if not weeks, for the backup to be restored. It’s also good practice to have a folder of . procreate files that you can use should something go wrong with your iCloud backup.

What happens if you offload procreate?

Answer: A: No. When an app gets deleted, ALL data associated with that app gets deleted, as well. Before deleting anything off of your iPad, you should be backing up ALL your iPad data to either iCloud, the Finder on a new Mac or an older Mac or Windows PC that can install and run the latest iTunes.

Where are my procreate files stored?

Where Does Procreate Save Files? Procreate saves your files within the gallery of the Procreate app with the extension . procreate. These are Procreate specific files that only work within the Procreate ecosystem.

How do you undo after exiting Procreate?

Once you leave your Procreate design and return to the gallery, or close the app, you can’t undo anything in your design. Procreate does not store your version history, so the best way to return to an earlier version of your design is to regularly back up your Procreate file as you work.

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How do you delete a file on Procreate?

Delete an artwork – in the Gallery, swipe left on the artwork you want to delete. Then tap the red Delete button.

Can you backup Procreate files?

Step 1 – Backup Systems for Procreate

So I’ll be working on my method for using it. … Procreate does not have an automatic cloud backup system. You have to do it manually. Yes, in Settings for Procreate you can choose document and storage, but it will not sync automatically.

Why does Procreate take up so much space?

As I mentioned, Procreate file sizes are determined by the complexity of your design. If you use images, have a lot of layers, or make use of your time lapse video, your file size will be larger than a design that doesn’t.

How do I save Procreate files to iCloud?

Swipe the artwork thumbnail to the left and choose ‘Share’. The next screen will give you the option to choose the file format type. Select ‘pro’ and then choose whichever cloud storage you prefer (iCloud or Dropbox). Repeat this and export all of your gallery artwork files.