Frequent question: How do I rotate a selected area in Krita?

Can you rotate in Krita?

Krita, just like SAI, allows you to flip, rotate and duplicate the view. Unlike SAI, these are tied to keyboard keys. This is tied to M key to flip.

How do I flip a selection in Ibispaint?

Open the Layer window and tap ① Invert Layer Horizontally. Continue to flip back and forth, adjusting the image until it all looks OK.

How do I resize a selection in Krita?

You can also resize the canvas via Image ‣ Resize Canvas… (or the Ctrl + Alt + C shortcut).

How do I rotate a reference image in Krita?

, and dragging them. You can rotate reference images by holding the cursor close to the outside of the corners till the rotate cursor appears, while tilting is done by holding the cursor close to the outside of the middle nodes.

What does Alt do in Krita?

Like in PS, you can use the Alt or Shift keys during a selection to remove or add selection to the active selection. In addition, you can hold Alt + Shift to intersect. Krita also offers sub tools for this, and you can select them in the Tool Options if a select tool is active.

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