How do I flip an image in Krita?

How do I flip an image vertically in Krita?

Holding the Shift key will maintain your aspect ratio throughout the transform. If you look at the bottom, there are quick buttons for flipping horizontally, vertically and rotating 90 degrees left and right.

Is there a mirror tool in Krita?

The Mirror Tools are accessed along the toolbar. You can move the location of the mirror line by grabbing the handle. … Mirror the results along the vertical axis. There are additional options for each tool.

How do you flip a page in Krita?

Krita, just like SAI, allows you to flip, rotate and duplicate the view. Unlike SAI, these are tied to keyboard keys. This is tied to M key to flip.

How do I reverse a select in Krita?

You can use Contiguous area selection tool or Similar color selection tool to select the emptiness or the background color around your painted areas and then invert the selection in the Select menu or by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I.

Where is tool options in Krita?

Tools Settings

Gives you the tool options in the toolbar, next to the brush settings. You can open it with the key. In Krita 4.2 the behavior of flow in combination with opacity was changed.

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How do you use the ruler in Krita?

To create a guide, move your cursor over a ruler and drag in the direction of the canvas. A line will appear. Dragging from the left ruler creates a vertical guide, and dragging from the top ruler creates a horizontal guide.

How do you mirror in synfig?


  1. select the Mirror Tool, either by clicking in the toolbox or hitting AltM.
  2. check “Horizontal” in the Tool Options Panel.
  3. select the Spline Layer.
  4. select all handles in the spline by hitting ControlA.
  5. drag one of the selected handles a little.