You asked: Can I install clip studio paint on multiple computers?

Yes, the contents of the packaged version of Clip Studio Paint EX include download links. With one license (serial number), you may install on up to 2 computers but the software should not be used on both computers simultaneously.

Can I use my clip studio paint on multiple computers?

Clip Studio Paint can be used on multiple devices (Windows, Mac OS, iPad, iPhone) with one monthly usage plan, which includes a variety of options. Clip Studio Paint Ver is required for use of a monthly usage plan.

How many devices can you use clip studio paint?

The software can be installed on up to two computers with one license (serial number), but it should not be used on both at the same time.

How do I move clip studio paint to another computer?

You can manually copy the settings and material data customized in Clip Studio Paint folder by folder to another computer.

  1. Backup the Clip Studio Paint user settings folder. …
  2. Install Clip Studio Paint on a new PC. …
  3. Copy backed-up user settings to a new PC.
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Can you share a clip studio paint account?

Can You Share A Clip Studio Paint Account? You can easily share your comics, manga, artbooks, and illustration albums on Twitter or blogs with Clip Studio SHARE. The Clip Studio Paint service can be accessed by browser even if you do not have one. Your story should be published.

Is clip studio paint a one time purchase?

Purchase / contract information

*1 For smartphone plans, only iPhone, Galaxy, and Android smartphone devices are available. (This plan cannot be used for tablet devices.) *2 The one-time purchase software can be installed on up to two computers (some conditions apply).

Which is better procreate or clip studio paint?

Procreate is truly unmatched when it comes to painting, sketching and editing. CSP is also a very powerful program and although, it looks and feels more like Photoshop, it was specially created for making comics.

How do I download Clip Studio Paint if I already have it?

2. Install the application

  1. Open the following page: Download – Clip Studio Paint. Download the latest version of Clip Studio Paint here. …
  2. From [Latest version], select your computer’s operating system.
  3. To install, run the download installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I find my activation code for Clip Studio Paint?

Register your activation code

  1. Opens the activation code entry page. …
  2. Enter your code and press [Send].
  3. When the screen showing [Your Activation Code] appears, press [Next].
  4. Select the plan to which you want to apply the activation code. …
  5. Confirm your plan and press [OK].
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What is a Clip Studio Paint license?

CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX Volume License (Windows / macOS) A volume license is a product available to companies and educational institutions, allowing the use of multiple terminals with 1 serial number. … Terminals can be used by any user. Based on the number of licenses, beneficial discounts are available.

Is a clip studio account free?

First time users of a monthly usage plan can use Clip Studio Paint for up to 3 months free of charge by choosing their plan from the latest version of the software.